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畦地 亜耶加


主な最近の自作品は『Ao』, 『Erde』, 『Libraly 』 などがある。
2009年よりカンパニーSasha Waltz & Guests のダンサー として活動し、現在は作品『Continu』に出演ツアー中。
これまで加藤みや子、 伊藤キム+輝く未来、初期型等の活動に参加。2007年笠井叡舞踏学校修了。
2012年ドローイング作家、 中原一樹との作品『O』をイタリアのアッシジで発表。2013年1月には美術作家、 福永敦とのコラボレーションによるダンス作品の構成演出を担当し、作品『Dance in the dark』を アサヒアートスクエアにて発表。

Ayaka Azechi,

was born in Tokyo Japan, currently based between berlin and Tokyo.
She works her own and cllaborating with various artists.
She was part of the project "Dialoge 09 - Neues Museum"(Berlin), "Dialoge09-MAXXI"(Rome) and pice of"Continu" by Sasha Waltz.
She began learning modern dance from Miyako Kato at an early age.She was part of the project of Miyako Kato in Brazil. From 2001 to 2002, She studied at the Asagaya College of Art and Design. She was a member of Kim Itoh + the Glorious Future from 2002 to 2005, during which she danced in all company productions. In 2006 she performed in Akira Kasai's "Fuyu no tabi" (Winter Journey), and enrolled in Kasai's butoh school from 2006 to 2007. In 2007, She won second prize in the Saitama National Dance Competition for her solo "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: Mozart and a Sleepless Night."in Japan.
She was given the grant for Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists from 2008 to 2010. She was a trainee of the Pola Art Foundation 2011.