Dance and Choreography / Ayaka Azechi
Photo by: Manaho Kaneko
Video by: Takishima Hiroyoshi
Project: Dance,link/ Ring vol.8 at Sengawa Theater Tokyo.

Improvisation by Ayaka Azechi and MarĂ­a Colusi in Freistil.
Place in Tanzfabrik,Berlin

23. February. 2014 (matine)
Choreography and Dance / Ayaka Azechi
Video by: Takishima Hiroyoshi
Project:Dance Link/ Ring vol.7 at Annex Sengawa Factory in Tokyo.

Erde (short version) / Assisi,ITALY,2012

"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik : Mozart and a Sleepless Night"
Performanced by Ayaka Azechi.(in Japan, 2007)